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Adjustable Patio Cover

What Is A Louvered Top?
Louvered Top Options &
Fiberglass Louver Bracket

Shade Selects are the most economical outdoor louvered system on the market. This is due to our manufacturer’s patented fiberglass louver bracket, their two louvered top options, and the our versatile installation options.

We offer two louvered top options for our Shade Select Adjustable Patio Covers — roll-formed louvers or extruded louversOur manufacturer is the only company on the market that offers two types of louvered roof systems. The roll-formed louvers are an affordable light weight advanced engineering system, typically used for residential settings — and the extruded louvers are a high-end, commercial, heavy duty system.

What is a 'Louvered Top'?

Louvers are found in a variety of settings, from large to small. Sometimes you'll see louvers done as small as stylistic outdoor vents on your home. In larger applications, louvers are also used in buildings wherever there is a need for creating resistance to rainwater, excessive noise, excessive winds, or a combination of these problems – while also ensuring proper airflow. Louvers are installed as angled, horizontal slats to allow for proper ventilation, while also keeping out the elements. They can be installed as adjustable slats (like a Shade Select) or as fixed slats (like window shutters). Below are some classically recognized examples of louvers.

House Vent Louvers
Window Blind Louvers
Louvered Window Shutters

Shade Selects take this concept and make it their own, to ensure you have a patio cover that's designed for all the seasons. With a Shade Select adjustable louvered top system, each louver is set at regularly spaced intervals. When the louvered top is closed, the grooved formations of the louver interlock together to create a watertight seal.

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What Is Louvered Top

Roll-Formed Louvered Top

Our durable roll-formed louver has the best strength to weight ratio in the industry and has been installed on thousands of covers all over the world. Not only is our roll-formed the most economically priced adjustable louvered patio cover available, it has also been on the market for over 25 years, fitting an array of designs and shapes.


The roll-formed louvers are ideal for most residential settings, whereas the extruded louvers are more commonly recommended for commercial applications such as restaurants, wineries, and schools. The roll formed and extruded louver use the same louver brackets, so you will always be able to upgrade from roll formed to extruded louvers if desired.

Roll Formed Louvered Top
Roll Formed Louvered Top
Roll Formed Louvered Top
Roll Formed Louvered Top
Roll Formed Louvered Top

Extruded Louvered Top

​Our extruded louvers have double the thickness of our roll-formed and are the most competitively priced extruded louver on the market. Shade Select extruded louvers come standard with a UV resistant vinyl seal, specially designed to offer additional rain resistance and accommodate even heavier snow loads. In most cases, roll-formed louvers are a great fit; extruded louvers are designed for extreme wind and snow loads, as well as commercial settings like restaurants, wineries, libraries, and schools, etc. Having a commercial property doesn't automatically negate that you will need extruded louvers; this will come down to the wind, rain, and snow load in your area. Your project coordinator will work with you to discover which louvered top option is right for your needs.

Click here to check out some of our installs at commercial properties.

Extruded Louver with Vinyl Seal Technology
Vinyl Seal Technology with Extruded Louvers
Extruded Louvers in a Commercial Setting
Extruded Louvers in a Commercial Setting
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Extruded Louvered Top

Fiberglass Louver Bracket

Our manufacturer has a world-wide patent on their fiberglass louver bracket. Their fiberglass louver brackets are what makes Shade Select a year-round, all-season patio covering. It is made from a special composite that originally was developed for NASA’s space vehicles and contains 30% fiberglass and has a high UV protection. Their fiberglass louver brackets have been:

  • Tested in an ICC approved laboratory and has passed all tests UV protection, humidity and dry tests, flexibility, strength, and hardness

  • Designed to be light and allow 'light live load engineering', meaning better spans

  • UV protected and has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

  • Insulates the metal reaction between 2 metal parts and prevent corrosion

  • Patented around the world and cannot be copied

  • Allows the louvers to connect without any screws

Fiberglass Louver Bracket
Fiberglass Louver Bracket
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Fiberglass Louver Bracket

Warranty Information From Our Manufacturer

For warranty information on roll-formed louvers, click here.

For warranty information on extruded louvers, click here.

Warranty Info From Solara
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