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Metal Privacy Fence

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Looking for a more unique, classy look than vinyl can provide? These custom metal privacy fences are non-combustible, resist the progress of fire, termite proof, and low maintenance. 

Enjoy privacy & security for years to come. 

Metal Privacy Fence Gallery

colormax fence

Strength & Durability

These custom metal privacy fences won't rot - won't be eaten by termites - are non-combustible, and resist the progress of fire - enhancing the privacy and security of your home for years to come.

Strength & Durability
Steel fence

Simple & Elegant Design

A modern-looking, durable, metal privacy fence can help create the outdoor oasis that you're envisioning. Its sleek look fits well with many homes, thanks to a tasteful, minimal design. Choose from several timeless colors.

Simple & Elegant Design
metal privacy fence

100% Recyclable

These fences are 100% recyclable. They result in less scraps during the installation process. In addition, as the material is termite proof, you do not need to apply chemicals for treatment so they are better for the environment all around!

100% Recyclable
steel fence with wood posts by pool

Easy to maintain

Say goodbye to spending time painting, staining or replacing sections of your fence. Not only is it fire-resistant, but the problems of a wood fence overall just aren't the same with steel.

(Plus, this one is resistant to rust!)

Easy to Maintain
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Termite Resistant

You can’t get any more termite resistant than an all metal fence. With the inclusion of metal posts and rails, you are guaranteed a fence that will stand the test of time.

Termite Resistant
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Neighbor Friendly

Steel fences have the same profile on both sides of the fence - and say goodbye to that gap in the fence that the neighbors can see through with standard wood fences.

This steel fencing has smooth surfaces and close-fitting panels without any gaps. This helps keep your home private and secure so you can be more confident your kids and pets are where they should be – within the safe boundary of your fence.

Neighbor Friendly
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Heat Resistant

Fire resistance and resilience are important factors for all homeowners. Of all the materials tested on different types of fencing in a bushfire testing project conducted by the CSIRO, these steel fences performed the best under all exposure conditions, including testing used to simulate the potential effects of an adjacent house fire.

Heat Resistant
colormax fence throughout a neighborhood

Over 50 years - tested in harsh conditions

Leading scientists have been testing the ColorMax by ColorBond Steel we use for over 50 years in some of the harshest Australian climate conditions. So you have peace of mind knowing these steel fences are tested and made to last!

Over 50 Years

For more information on what makes ColorMax the best choice for Steel Privacy Fencing, call us at 970-523-8150 or visit!

We ship material throughout the lower 48. We install ourselves (or with partners) in several states.

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