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Valleywide Fence and Deck is both an installer and wholesaler of chain link fence; we also provide temp panels.


Chain link fence is one of the most popular choices for fence in both residential and commercial settings. It is practical in style, relatively easy to install, and very cost effective. Chain link fences are perfect for someone looking to secure their property with a durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, affordable fence. If you enjoy decorating and investing time in your front yard - but want to keep your children, pets, and décor safe - chain links are also great for an unobstructed view to show off all the hard work you put into your space.


One of the most important considerations with chain link fences is the quality of material you're being quoted. There are many ways to get chain link fences in the ground; this also means there are many short cuts. Our Project Coordinators will provide you with a free estimate and will also go over the specifics on the quality of the materials so that you're fully experiencing the longevity that a chain link fence has to offer.

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