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Shade Select Adjustbale Patio Cover, Manufactured By Solara

Adjustable Patio Cover

What Is a Shade Select Adjustable Patio Cover?

Shade Selects are the premiere, industry leading, outdoor patio cover tops. Their louvered top design allows you to open and close the patio top — and protect your space from the elements year round! The louvers can tilt open to angle of 130º and can tilt shut to 0º (any intermediate position can be maintained), allowing you to control the shade to light ratio and maximize your time sitting outdoors and connecting with your loved ones.


Shade Selects are versatile in their design options — we can customize them to serve a variety of uses (such as a poolside cabana, a gazebo alternative, a small patio shade structure, a front entryway, plus other design applications.)  We're able to install these as small scale or as large as you'd like! They're designed to provide the protection of a patio cover, awning, or built in roof - with the freedom of a pergola as well

Shade Selects are offered in both motorized and manual systems. These louvered top systems are maintenance free and will never rust or rot!

Explore the Details

Louvered Patio Cover Top

Click here to learn about louvers and discover what makes our louvered top design unique.

Snow Covered Shade Select

Shade Selects are designed with mother nature as a central focus. Click here to find out more.

We can install these in variety of styles, including free-standing, pitched roof, awnings, plus more!

Small spaces to large spaces, we cover it all. We're also able to add some custom touches.

Shade Select with Privacy and Lighting Upgrades

We want to help you create your outdoor oasis. Check out how we've done this with others!

Shade Select Installed at Four Winds Coffee Center

Provide your customers with a shaded area where they can enjoy all that you have to offer! Click here.

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Overview of Shade Selects

Shade Select - Opened v Closed
  • Accommodates wind loads up to 140mph in open or closed position

  • Can accommodate snow loads over 40lbs per square foot

  • Variable design can be curved or angled, not restricted by exterior frame

  • Fits on almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum

  • Available with manual opener or with low voltage motor and remote

  • Established company; over 30 years on the market

  • Available with wind and rain sensor

  • Best warranty coverage on the market

  • Shade when you want it or direct natural sunlight on those cold winter days when you need it

  • Indirect lighting, providing a friendly light atmosphere without direct sunlight

  • 100% shade and ventilation, providing a cool breeze on those hot summer days

  • Rain protection

  • The only company that offers durable Roll-Formed or heavy-duty extruded louvers to fit any budget

  • Available in standard white and adobe, with outer colors available for special order

  • Made of 100% aluminum, maintenance and corrosion free

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What Makes a Shade Select Different?

We can't control the sun or stop it from shining — and who would want to? What we can control is our ability to choose how much sunlight we receive on our patio and furnishings (and provide protection from the rest of mother nature's elements).

That's one of the key things (in addition to the fiberglass louver bracket) that makes Shade Selects different — we have a team of 'sun experts'. This means, rather than fighting the sun, we acknowledge the sun and all the benefits it has to offer. For instance, in the wintertime - you may not want to keep out the sunlight; you may enjoy having the early morning warmth that the sun provides. That's why our Project Coordinators utilize a sun tracking app! With this app, our team members are able to show you the different areas, angles, times, etc that the sun will be hitting your patio. The app even makes adjustments for the different seasons — so you'll be able to see where the sun will be at 1 pm in the summer on your patio, and you'll also be able to see where the sun will be at 1 pm during the winter, sun, and spring.

With all this information, we're able to make sure that your louvers are installed in the direction best matched for your space. And we're able to make sure that you're covered throughout the seasons!

What Makes a SS Different?
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