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Shade Select is a leading outdoor patio cover with an adjustable louvered design. They offer year-round elemental protection, with louvers that tilt from 0º to 130º. This allows for tailored shade-to-light ratios, enhancing outdoor leisure and connection with loved ones. copy.gif
  • Accommodates wind loads up to 140mph in open or closed position.

  • Can accommodate snow loads over 40lbs per square foot.

  • Variable design can be curved or angled, not restricted by exterior frame.

  • Fits on almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum.

  • Available with manual opener or with low voltage motor and remote.

  • Established company; over 30 years on the market.

  • Available with wind and rain sensor.

  • Best warranty coverage on the market.

What Is a Shade Select Adjustable Patio Cover?

Shade Selects are the leading outdoor patio cover tops, featuring a louvered design that can be adjusted from 0º to 130º, providing year-round protection from the elements. This flexibility allows for customizable light and shade control, enhancing outdoor experiences and facilitating quality time with loved ones.

Shade Selects offer customizable design options, suitable for various uses like poolside cabanas, gazebo alternatives, patio shade structures, and more. Available in various sizes, they combine the protection of patio covers, awnings, or built-in roofs with the flexibility of pergolas. These systems, available in both motorized and manual versions, feature maintenance-free, rustproof, and rot-resistant louvered tops.

Traditional Pergolas
The Lasting Option for Shade in Colorado

Create a sanctuary from the sun by building a vinyl pergola. Whether you want just a little shade or a lot, almost any design you can dream up with wood can now be built with vinyl. With our in-house fabrication in our Grand Junction shop, your vinyl pergola project can be designed to match your needs exactly. And if you're wanting something that's more of a pergola and patio cover combined — we also offer Shade Selects, an adjustable pergola and patio cover in one.


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What Makes a Shade Select Different?

Shade Selects offers a unique approach to managing sunlight on your patio, allowing control over sunlight exposure and protection from the elements. Their distinctive feature is the use of a fiberglass louver bracket and a team of 'sun experts' who embrace the sun's benefits, particularly in winter. These experts use a sun tracking app to analyze sun exposure on your patio at different times and seasons, ensuring optimal installation direction of the louvers. This tailored approach ensures year-round comfort and adaptation to seasonal changes, maximizing the use of your outdoor space.

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