• Shade when you want it or direct natural sunlight on those cold winter days when you need it

  • Indirect lighting, providing a friendly light atmosphere without direct sunlight

  • 100% shade and ventilation, providing a cool breeze on those hot summer days

  • Rain protection

  • The only company that offers durable Roll-Formed or heavy-duty extruded louvers to fit any budget

  • Available in standard white and adobe, with outer colors available for special order

  • Made of 100% aluminum, maintenance and corrosion free

  • Accommodates wind loads up to 140mph in open or closed position

  • Can accommodate snow loads over 40lbs per square foot

  • Variable design can be curved or angled, not restricted by exterior frame

  • Fits on almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum

  • Available with manual opener or with low voltage motor and remote

  • Established company; 30 years on the market

  • Available with wind and rain sensor

  • Best warranty coverage on the market

  • Made of maintenance free recyclable aluminum, easily cleaned with just soap and water

  • Energy efficient—lowers cooling, heating, and lighting costs

  • Catches the natural rain water which can be stored or diverted to your garden or lawn

  • Protects your patio deck, furnishes, appliances, and pets from the weather

  • Our unique Eco-friendly cover also has a lifetime limited warranty

Standard Roll-Formed Louvers:


Our durable roll-formed louver has the best strength to weight ratio in the industry and has been installed on thousands on covers all over the world. Not only is our roll-formed the most economically priced adjustable louvered patio cover available, it has also been on the market for 30 years, fitting an array of designs and shapes. 

Our extruded louvers have double the thickness of our roll-formed and are the most competitively priced extruded louver on the market. Shade Select extruded louvers come standard with a UV resistant seal, specially designed to offer additional rain resistance and accommodate even heavier snow loads.