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Elevating the Human Experience —
One Project At A Time!

Valleywide strives to Elevate the Human Experience, one project at a time! It's who we are, it's what we do. We do this through our superior installations, our industry leading product offerings, and our work towards being eco-friendly within our industry. Read on to discover more on why we choose to operate this way.

Superior Installations

Whether you're installing simple railing, a tri-level deck, or a small patio covering — where you spend your money is important to you. It's an investment for you and your family, and you're also investing in our family of team members. Rather than list the ways that we are superior in our installations, we'd rather let our results do the speaking and give you the opportunity to view our galleries of finished products, listen to our testimonials, and read our Google reviews from your neighbors.

Industry Leading Product Offerings

Valleywide's has several industry-leading product offerings, so that we can play our best part in helping you create the outdoor oasis that you're envisioning. From maintenance-free, long last vinyl — to fire resistant steel fencing — and adjustable shading systems — we're always looking for the products that will serve our customer's needs and match up with trending styles.

Eco-Friendly Products & Industry Efforts

In addition to our product offerings being industry-leading, they are also eco-friendly products within our industry. Examples of our eco-friendly product offerings include:

Vinyl. Vinyl is one of the greenest materials you can use for your fencing project. Vinyl takes very little energy and resources to produce, which means it can be made more cheaply than wood and many other fencing materials.

Steel. Our steel fencing is 100% recyclable. It's termite proof (so you won't need to apply chemicals for treatment), resists the progress of fires, and the installation process of a steel fence results in less scraps.

Shade structures. Our Shade Select Adjustable Patio Covers are designed to work with mother nature. They can divert rainfall/snowmelt to your lawn/garden area, can result in lower heating/cooling bills, and the louvered top is made 100% out of aluminum (one of the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet).

Valleywide has also began exploring electric vehicles and we currently have two of our most frequently driven vehicles switched over.

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