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Adjustable Patio Cover

Weather Protection &
Eco-Friendly Design

Year-Round Protection,
Working with Mother Nature

The open and close feature isn’t the only thing that makes Shade Select adjustable patio covers stand out. The versatility and durability throughout the seasons makes these especially ideal for Colorado. Shade Selects are geo-located to take into account the wind ratings and snow loads within your region. These patio covers also have eco-friendly benefits, such as diverting rainfall onto your lawn or garden area, leaving your patio furnishings protected and extending their life.

Our manufacturer's unique engineering for the roll formed louvers allows us a very high snow and wind load resistance while keeping a light live load. What this means for you, is an affordable product that can be installed in almost any type of weather on almost any structure in any shape.

Protection From The Elements — All-Season, Louvered Patio Cover System 

Weather Ratings


Shade Select patio covers are watertight — and they're all installed with a slight slope for proper runoff. The greater the slope when installed, the better waterproofed the patio cover will be. Our project coordinators & install team will take this and your unique needs into account for the design & installation.

Shade Selects are eco-friendly and can catch the natural rain water, which can be stored or diverted to you garden or lawn. The unique louver design of Shade Selects also reduces the rain noise on your patio cover, compared to other alternatives.

Water running off of a Shade Select
Water running off a Shade Select
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Shade Select's roll forming louvered roof is engineered and designed for winds up to 150 mph, in the open or closed position. Our manufacturer's roll forming louvered roof has been on the market for more than 25 years and has been installed all over the world in all types of weather — from the Caribbean to the Florida Coast; even in Kansas, known for it's high winds and tornados. 

Our manufacturer's roll forming louvered system has passed an ICC wind tunnel test; it is the only one in the market which actually passed this test. The gallery below shows a Shade Select after a heavy wind storm vs a standard wood pergola. There are a small amount of louvers to be replaced on the Shade Select, whereas the other structure will need extensive repairs or possibly rebuilt.

Shade Select After a Severe Wind Storm, Versus A Wooden Pergola from the same storm


Shade Select Adjustable Patio Covers will hold the same snow load as your home's existing roof. Our generic engineering is designed to hold up to 30 pounds psf (per square foot) of snow. For example, if you have a 20×15 patio cover (300 square feet), our system is designed to carry up to 9,000 pounds on your cover.


So that means, if the snowfall ratings in your region requires a heavy per square foot allowance; Shade Selects can deliver. They're geo-located for the weather in your area. These patio covers have been installed by our manufacturer for over 25 years and have even seen snow in the Swiss Alps, Bariloche in Argentina, and upstate New York! Valleywide has built them in places such as Aspen, Colorado, and Angoon, Alaska!

These are pictures from one of our Shade Select installations in Aspen, Colorado — snowy on the first day and sunny on the last. Now this customer is ready for the rain, wind, and snow in their region!

Shade Select Installation Process in Aspen, Colorado
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When there are heavy loads of snow on top of your louvered roof system, it should not be opened or closed. Once the snow has melted from your patio cover, open your Shade Select to get back to enjoying the pleasant warm winter sun!

Below are some pictures of how our Shade Select holds up under heavy snow loadsversus our competitors.

Shade Selects under heavy snow loads...
Competitors under heavy snow loads...