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Why Our Shade Select Patio Covers Are Perfect For Fall

During the fall, temperatures in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah drop. Coloradans and Native Americans of Utah enjoy spending time on their Patio so they can admire the beauty of winter mornings and fiery autumn evenings. Valleywide Fence & Deck has a large selection of shade selecting patio covers to offer your outside space greater depth. Learn why you should consider one of our patio covers today!


What Are Shade Select Patio Covers?

Shade Select Patio Covers by Valleywide Fence and Deck are available in a range of colors and have lots of innovative features to make your patio even more enjoyable. It has both motorized and manual systems that may be opened and closed. These covers open up to a 130-degree angle and close down to 0 degrees, allowing you to maintain your patio's perfect temperature, no matter the weather.


Watch the Autumn Leaves Fall

Stay out of the sun while still enjoying the changing of the seasons with a patio cover from Valleywide Fence and Deck. Our patio covers can be installed on patio roofs or patio decks and are a great way to watch the autumn leaves fall while avoiding harmful UV rays. Learn more about experiencing the wonder of Colorado and Utah falls with a patio cover today!


Enjoy Light Colorado Snows

With a patio cover from Valleywide Fence and Deck, you can enjoy light, late fall snows. Cuddle up under a heated blanket beneath the shelter of a durable, reliable awning and watch the flakes start to fall. It's a beautiful thing to experience in the midwest.


Installation and Maintenance:

Patio covers from Valleywide Fence and Deck are designed to fit on most types of buildings. Our products are constructed with roll-formed or heavy-duty extruded louvers, which are both durable and maintenance-free. It's made out of recyclable aluminum, which not only makes it long-lasting but also keeps excess waste out of landfills.


If you are interested in getting covers for your patio this fall, consider Valleywide Fence and Deck. Our patio covers are a fantastic way to enjoy the fall season in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.Contact us today to learn more about our patio covers.

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