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What the Mountain West’s Changing Climate Means for Your Patio

There’s no denying that the climate is shifting in the Mountain West, but homeowners in Colorado and surrounding states need to make some changes to prepare. After all, the increased temperatures and reduced precipitation are already impacting homes and patios in the region. Today, Valleywide Fence and Deck is here to explain those changes and what you can do to make your patio more climate-friendly. Keep reading, then contact us to learn how we can help.

Harsher Than Usual Conditions

Colorado is no stranger to harsh weather conditions, but the effects of climate change are making them even worse. There is much less snowfall in the winter, and the summertime is extremely dry and hot. With these conditions being so tough on patios, we recommend installing protective steel fencing because it’s made to last.

Increased Risk of Fires

One of the most apparent dangers that climate change poses to Mountain West homeowners is an increased risk of wildfires. With temperatures rising and drought conditions becoming more common, there are more opportunities for fires to start and spread. As we saw with the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire, for example, these blazes can cause significant damage to homes and buildings. If you want to protect your patio, we recommend installing fire-resistant structures such as decks or railings.

Dry Summers With Intense Sunshine

Not only are summers getting hotter in Colorado and nearby states, but they’re also becoming drier. This combination can be tough on patios, as the intense sunshine can cause cracking and fading. If you have a patio that gets direct sunlight, we recommend adding shade with a patio cover or pergola.

Valleywide Can Help

Unfortunately, it seems as though climate change is only getting worse, but Valleywide Fence and Deck can help keep your home and patio safe from its effects. We’re proud to serve Western Colorado and Eastern Utah with our patio solutions, including fire-resistant materials and products tested against the harshest weather conditions. Contact us today or request a quote to find out what we can do for you.

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