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Non-Vinyl Options from a Fence Company in Grand Junction, Colorado

Ornamental, Steel, Chain Link, Composite, & more

When it comes to boosting your property's appeal and privacy/security, vinyl fence has been a go-to choice for many. Looking for something different? Valleywide is a fence company in Grand Junction, Colorado that offers various fence options in addition to vinyl. 

Some great alternatives to vinyl fencing include ornamental fence, steel privacy fence, chain link, and even non-traditional vinyl colors. Whether you’re looking for a less typical aesthetic or otherwise, we offer all of the above.  


Valleywide's warehouse on Main Street in Grand Junction


Services in Grand Junction 

(besides the usual vinyl) 

1. Ornamental Fencing: Adding Elegance to Your Property 

Ornamental fencing is a stylish alternative that gives your property a more refined look. With tasteful designs and timeless elements, ornamental fences provide both security and visual appeal. For those seeking a blend of functionality and sophistication, ornamental fence is a top contender.   


2. Steel Privacy Fencing: Strength and Seclusion Combined 

If privacy is a priority, steel privacy fencing is a robust alternative to traditional vinyl. With its durable construction and lack of maintenance, steel fences provide a long-lasting solution for keeping your property secure while offering seclusion. Exploring steel fencing options in Grand Junction?  Ask us about Colormax! 


3. Chain Link Fencing: Affordable & Reliable 

Chain link fencing is tried and true, making it an option worth considering if you want a cost-effective fence. If you want to get it from a company native to Grand Junction, give us a call. 


4. Non-Traditional Vinyl  

While vinyl fencing is traditionally associated with the white privacy style, you've got a lot of options for both design and color. Mix it up with classy earth tones and grays, or consider semi privacy, basketweave, or ornamental vinyl designs.  

5. Composite Fence 

Looking for a stone or wood aesthetic, without the prohibitive cost of a stone fence or the high maintenance of a wood fence? Consider composite fencing, which is functionally more like vinyl, but with a different look. 



Your Local Fence Company 

In Grand Junction and Mesa County, Colorado, local fence companies can go beyond the traditional vinyl choices. Ornamental fencing, steel privacy fencing, modern chain link, and non-traditional vinyl provide a variety of alternatives to improve your property's security, privacy, and/or visual appeal.  Looking for a reputable installation company? Check out our Google reviews! 

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