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Make Your Patio Summer Ready With Shade Select

Want to let in the sun on cool summer mornings but keep out the rain on drizzly afternoons? Then Shade Select is the perfect addition to your patio! Valleywide Fence and Deck in Grand Junction, CO offers a wide variety of Shade Select products so you can enjoy the sun when you want it, or the shade when you need to get out of the heat. Read more about how Shade Select will revolutionize your patio experience, then contact us for a free estimate!

What is Shade Select?

Shade Selects are louvered roof systems that allow you to open or close the roof just as simply as you would close the blinds on your window! You can even choose from motorized or manual options to open and shut the fixed roof with ease.


Durability You Can Trust

These patio essentials are made from durable aluminum that will never rust or rot, and when closed, they become water-tight to keep out the rain. Unlike regular awnings, they can accommodate wind loads up to 140mph in the open or closed position, and can handle over 40lbs of snow per square foot.



Shade Selects are made from recyclable aluminum that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Their ability to provide shade or let in the sun means more energy efficiency for your home. The rainwater that runs off the top can even be diverted to your garden or lawn for a little extra hydration.



With our customizable sizes, shapes, colors, and mounting options, you can ensure your Shade Select will fit right in with your home's aesthetic! Choose a striking white for a more modern look or pick a more classic brown for a more rustic feel. Or let us know about any special customization requests and we’ll do our best to see that it’s done.


Start your summer off right with a Shade Select from Valleywide Fence and Deck in Grand Junction, CO. Get a free estimate today or contact us to learn about our financing options!

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