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Vinyl  Privacy  FENCE

  • 110 mph wind warranty

  • No spacing between slats; creating a solid fence that gives you quality privacy

  • Perfect solution to keeping kids and pets safe in your backyard

  • Keep your backyard private, especially in housing developments where you have many neighbors

  • Maintenance free—it won't flake, rot, rust, or stain & it never needs painting!

  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fencing, with a wide variety of color options (including those designed to imitate wood)

  • Posts come in ornamental and classic styles

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Available in 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', and 8'

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If you're looking for a modern twist to your vinyl privacy fence, check out our aluminum post and frame upgrade. This upgrade can be used with any of the fence color choices that we have in stock. For more information, please contact your project coordinator.


Classic     Colors





Signature    Series 




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Valleywide  Fence  Advantage?

What is the

Valleywide Fence Advantage - Blue - Tran
Wind Warranty.png
A. Wind Protection
6'3" post spacings yield 110 MPH rating.
B. Pre-Mixed Concrete
Pre-mixed concrete adds strength and reduces settling, versus the more common dry bag method.
C. Extra Strength
Internal ribs in the slats add stiffness, providing better wind strength and impact resistance.
D. Reinforcement
For extra strength, fence posts are set 2 feet deep.
E. Extreme Weather
Every top rail is locked in place with metal fasteners and galvanized steel inserts to ensure the 110 MPH rating.
F. Prevent Bowing
Aluminum I-beam or U-channel prevents bowed panels on dark colored fences (white fence optional).
G. Bottom Reinforcement
Aluminum reinforcement in the bottom rails prevents sagging and bowing.

Vinyl Privacy Fence in Colorado


Whether you are moving into a new home or renovating your current one, a vinyl privacy fence is the perfect addition if you want to have a little more security, peace and quiet. With a variety of colors to choose from and our in-house fabrication abilities, we're able to help you design a fence that is a perfect fit for your property.

Reasons to Install a Privacy Fence


Here are a few reasons why you would want a privacy fence in Colorado:

1. Privacy fences allow you to separate and define property lines.

2. Privacy fences create a safe place for your children and pets to play.

3. Privacy fences help to keep snooping neighbors away.

Different Than a Regular Fence

Privacy fences have several distinct qualities that set them apart. First, a privacy fence comes in a solid infill style that obscures the vision of your property, with the exception of certain designs such as latticework on top that could allow some visibility.

Second, privacy fences are made from solid materials such as vinyl, composite, and steel. Vinyl remains a popular choice as it is also very affordable for most homeowners and low maintenance.

Height Options


At Valleywide Fence and Deck, we offer several height options on our vinyl privacy fences in Colorado starting from 3’ all the way up to 8’. This allows you to to design the fence that meets your needs, whether it’s merely to Define Your Space or create a tranquil, safe space for your family.

Before You Install Your Privacy Fence in Colorado


Before you install your yard’s privacy fence, it is highly recommended that you do your research first. The last thing you want is to have to tear out your fence over a technicality.


Here are several items that you should learn about first:

- Your city’s zoning codes

- Your HOA guidelines

- Spacing requirements

- Where utility lines run beneath your property (fence posts go 2’ into the ground)

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