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Vinyl  Closed  Picket  FENCE

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Available in: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′

Classic     Colors





Closed Picket Fence Style in Colorado & Eastern Utah

Many of us associate a happy home with a house surrounded by the quintessential white picket fence. Although life doesn’t usually work out so neat and tidy, your picket fence can when you select our closed picket fence solution.

What Is a Closed Picket Fence?

Similar to the picket fence you typically envision, this design has gaps between each of the vinyl pickets. However, instead of the pickets ending at sharp points, the top of the fence is closed with a vinyl covering like you see at the top of other vinyl fences. Fence posts with decorative caps break the fence into sections and are a few inches taller than the picketed sections. This creates an overall appearance similar to traditional wood picket fences.

You can also choose an alternating picket fence. This style includes two different sizes of picket slats with small gaps between each for a twist on the classic picket fence look.

What Are Closed Picket Fences Made Out Of?

The development of vinyl fences has made great strides in recent years, and the highest quality fences are strong, durable, and simple to maintain. Gone are the days of spending several days installing a fence and then planning time to refinish, paint, or repair it each summer. Our closed picket fence will stay new looking with virtually no maintenance.

With Valleywide, you’ll get top-quality vinyl fencing. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a vinyl fence with the appearance of wood, we do have color options with a wood-grain design in other, select fencing styles. 

Your Fence, Your Way

Valleywide provides several design options for a closed picket fence in Colorado and Eastern Utah. You can choose from a variety of height and color options, as well as different caps for the fence posts. Customize your fence to match your personal style preferences and create a yard aesthetic that makes it hard to stay indoors.

Long-Term Benefits

In addition to adding immediate security and beauty to your home, your vinyl fence continues to benefit you for years to come. The easy maintenance will save you time and money you would have spent treating a wood fence every couple of years. Your pets and children will have a safe place to run and play as they grow up. Plus, should you decide to sell your home later on, a vinyl fence will add to the property value and increase curb appeal.


Worry-Free Warranty

We warranty both our fencing products and our workmanship because we are certain you will be pleased with the appearance and functionality of our vinyl fences. Our fences are designed to hold up against powerful winds and various other weather conditions. If you do lose a fence panel in a windstorm, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.


Don’t Take It from Us

Visit our Google or Facebook reviews to see what your neighbors have to say about their experience with Valleywide!

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