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Top Reasons on Why to Choose a Vinyl Fence Over a Wood Fence

If you’re trying to decide between a wood or vinyl fence for your home, the choice is clear. Vinyl fencing is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for an attractive, maintenance-free option that will last for many years to come. Compared to wood fences, vinyl fencing is more durable, safer, and longer lasting, making it the obvious choice for those who want to invest in their home’s security and value. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top reasons why to choose a vinyl fence over a wood fence, and how vinyl is the superior material choice.

We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from
Two-tone Vinyl Privacy Fence with Picket Top

Maintenance-Free and Durable

In terms of maintenance and durability, vinyl is the clear winner. With a vinyl fence, there is no need for regular upkeep such as staining. It’s also easy to clean — vinyl fence typically only needs to be cleaned with a garden hose and, on occasion, warm soapy water. Vinyl fences won’t rot, won’t splinter, and are mildew resistant. They are also pest resistant, insect resistant, and critters and bees can’t make nests in a vinyl fence. These are all boxes that wood fencing can’t check. And while vinyl fencing is not entirely fire resistant, it is more fire resistant than wood. Vinyl is hard to ignite and melt. While a wood fence can catch fire relatively easily (especially if it’s older), vinyl fencing is composed of PVC, which has a flame-retardant chlorine base. If a fire does occur near your fence, vinyl will not encourage the spread of the fire and it will be much easier to extinguish due to its low concentration of oxygen. While vinyl's low-maintenance benefits and durability isn't the only thing that makes it the superior choice, it's certainly a distinguishing factor in your choice between vinyl and wood.

Neighbor Friendly and Secure

Vinyl fencing is also a great choice for its full security options and neighbor-friendly qualities. If you’re looking to keep your children and pets safe in a secure perimeter, vinyl fencing is the superior choice. The slats of a vinyl fence slide in together, leaving no gaps between the slats and creating solid panels – this is what makes a vinyl privacy fence truly private and secure. This means no prying eyes and no spaces for your loved ones to slip out through.

With a vinyl fence, both sides of the fence look the same — which means you and your neighbor will both have an aesthetically pleasing side to enjoy. This is particularly beneficial if you’re wishing to approach your neighbor about sharing the cost for a mutually shared portion of the fence. With vinyl fencing, you also have a variety of color choices available to you. For our color choices, we offer our vinyl privacy fence in our Classic Series and in our Signature Series. Our Signature Series offerings are designed to give the appearance of wood, while still providing all the benefits of a vinyl fence. So, if you’re looking for security and aesthetic appeal, vinyl is the best choice for you.

Longevity and Superior Warranty

Vinyl fencing will outlast wood fencing by years, potentially decades. Vinyl fences won’t rot, require little maintenance, and are weather resistant – these are just a few factors that highlight the fact that vinyl fences are designed for longevity. Our vinyl privacy fence installations are backed by a 110-mph wind rating and a 30-year lifetime labor and material warranty for the original purchaser. This warranty is also transferrable, any transference is based on the original installation date.

For more information or questions on what makes a vinyl fence superior to wood, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members at 970-523-8150.

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