A front gate, also referred to as an entry gate, is the perfect way to complete your fence & Define Your Space. Offered in a slide gate or swing gate; you have options on your new gate’s functionality, the space needed, & the ease of maintenance and installation.

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What's the difference between a swing gate & a slide gate?

At Valleywide, we know that choosing between a swinging and sliding gate can be difficult. Luckily, we have some of the best gate experts in the Grand Valley. We can access your gate entrance and look at your budget to help you decide what gate fits your needs the most.

Contact Us Today at 970-523-8150. If you're looking to do some independent research first, we have a brief breakdown of the differences below.


Both gate options will give you added security; the key difference is how the gates work. A swing date does not have wheels, and they ‘swing’ open and closed. Sliding gates, on the other hand, do have the use of wheels; allowing the gate to be pushed manually or automatically, through electric motors.  


Another difference between these gates is that a sliding gate will require less space to operate and ideal for in-town living areas, where space is often limited or tight. Or perhaps you have a tree, family heirloom, or other landscaping limitation to consider—a sliding gate will be ideal for your space as well. A sliding gate will move along a floor track along the fence line, allowing the gate to be in the least amount of space possible.

Swinging gates are a more traditional option, and can be hung to swing in a variety of ways—left, right, inward, outward; based on your individual needs. They will require a little more space consideration, as everything in the range of the swing will need to be relocated.

For those who have more space to work with and are looking for something that will allow for RV-sized storage and access, click here to see our double-swing gates with removeable center posts.

Maintenance & Installation
Swinging gates are the optimal quiet gates that are easy to install. They also require a lot less maintenance than a sliding gate. In the long run, this will mean that you will be paying less for repair costs overall. Sliding gates require more maintenance because the gate requires many moving parts such as wheels, electronics, and motors. These factors also make sliding gates slightly more expensive.

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