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Adjustable Patio Cover

Design Options
Variety of Styles
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Shade Selects address the issues that the alternatives attempt to solve. A fixed roof can withstand the wind and rain — but on nice sunny days when you want to enjoy the natural sunlight (and natural heating), you are left wanting. A canvas awning can partially protect from the rain, but it cannot withstand high winds and it is subject to sun rot. An open vinyl pergola or lattice patio cover lets the sunshine in but leaves your patio space, deck, outdoor furniture, and entry pathways completely exposed to the rain. Shade Selects allow you to, with either a push of a button or crank of a handle, adjust the angles of the louvers. This means that on rainy days, you can convert the pergola into a roof, and on nice winter days or early summer mornings you can open the louvers and let the natural sunlight pour in. Enjoy the best of all your options, in all seasons, in one solution!

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Explore our installation application options below to see our variety of styles and design options.


As freestanding structure, the Shade Select structure stands on its own foundation or base without attachment to anything else. It can be mounted on to concrete, on to a deck, or posts can be set in to the ground with concrete footers.

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Free Standing

Attached to Existing Sub-Structure

Shade Selects attach to almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum​. There's a few reasons to do this. For instance, this would be ideal to ensure your new Shade Select doesn't obstructed by a tall window, door space, or existing lighting or outlets. It's also a great way to cut down on the number of posts needed and to maximize your useable patio space.

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Attached Existing Sub Structure

Separately Controlled Louvered Top Sections

If you're looking to cover a larger area, the Shade Select patio cover roof can be divided into two separate controlled sections. This way when you are having a barbecue, the roof louvers over the grill can remain open, letting the smoke out, while your guests can sit under the closed section enjoying both air and shade.

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Separately Controlled Tops

Boxed-In Louvered Top Design

For a more polished finish, we're able to complete your louvered roof top with a boxed top design. This will keep the edges of your patio cover covered and will give your patio cover the appearance of a more solid patio cover.