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Adjustable Patio Cover

Color Variety &
Design Considerations

Our standard pricing is based on our standard Shade Selects. However, we’re well versed in knowing that each customer’s needs and desires are different in creating their outdoor space. That’s where our ability to customize comes into play!

We can go big or go small with these adjustable patio covers; we can even do window coverings! They can be customized to be rectangular, wavy, or curved. They can be installed as one color scheme, or you can mix and match our colors. Shade Select design customizations also include being installed with a dramatic slope and being mounted on pre-existing structures (including wood, steel, or aluminum). Explore some of our previous designs below — let your project coordinator know if there is a specific customization request that you have for your installation!

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Looking for different installation applications (i.e. freestanding, awnings, gazebo style, pitched roofs, etc)? Click here.


Color Options

Spanish Brown

Click here to go to our Shade Select gallery and view our installations by color choices.

Color Options

Custom Sizes

We can go as large or as small as you need with Shade Selects. The larger you go, the more support beams and posts that will need to be included in your design. We've gone as small as making entryways and window awnings. What size would best match your needs and your space?

Click here to explore the different styles of installation for Shade Selects.

Custom Sizes

Custom Cuts, Shapes, and Radius

We're able to give your Shade Select a custom cut, shaping, and/or radius. Our customers frequently ask us to match an existing concrete slab — or to add a radius to give their patio cover a unique look.

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Custom Cuts and Shapes

Custom Slopes

All of our Shade Selects are installed with a slight slope to allow for proper drainage. We can also install them with a more dramatic slope to match your existing structure or to give your Shade Select the aesthetic look you're going for.

Custom Slopes

Custom Attachments to Existing Sub-Structures

Shade Selects attach to almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum​. There's a few reasons to do this. For instance, this would be ideal to ensure your new Shade Select doesn't obstructed by a tall window, door space, or existing lighting or outlets. It's also a great way to cut down on the number of posts needed and to maximize your useable patio space.