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Gates  -  Material Variety

If we can install the material as a fence, we can build it as a gate! All of our fence materials can be installed in residential or commercial settings. To explore your gate options, visit our fence options below. Financing is available.


Fence and gate needs are unique to each of our customers - these options are the materials that we work with currently. If you don't see a material you're looking for, let us know and we can look at the options. We do not install wood fences, for more on why we choose vinyl instead, click here.

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'Valleywide  Gate  Advantage'?

What is the

We install single swing gates (aka walk gates) and double drive gates; we also do gate automation. Below is a list of reasons that our gates are superior.

Valleywide Gate Advantage - Double Drive
Double-Drive Gate
Valleywide Gate Advantage - Single Swing
Single Swing Gate
A. Extra Deep For Strength
Eight Foot Long Post on Latch Side.
B. Maximum Durability
Maximized strength rom welded steel joints in all four corners.
C. Extra Strength Concrete
Premixed concrete adds strength and reduces settling
D. Removeable Centerposts
Gives you the flexibility to use one side of the gate as an every day single-swing gate or to open both sides for larger vehicle access.
E. Convenient Lever Latch
Convenient lever latch opens and locks from either side.
F. Rust Prevention
Steel powder coated hinges. Available in black or white.
G. Added Strength
Internal galvanized steel gate frame. Added strength comes rom welded corners and 14-16ga rails and stiles.
H. Stronger Than Strong
Nine foot long 12ga galvanized steel.