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Adjustable Patio Cover

Accessories & Upgrades
Create A Space to
Connect in Comfort

We want to help you create your own unique space with our Shade Select. That's why Valleywide Fence and Deck offers a variety of accessories and upgrades. Have something else in mind and not seeing something on the list? Talk to your project coordinator to explore the idea!

Motorized & Remote Control

With Shade Selects, you have the option to upgrade from a manual system to a motorized system. The motorized system is equipped with a remote control, a gear box, and a wall-mounted control panel. You can also separate your Shade Select in to separately controllable sections, depending on the overall size and design of your adjustable patio cover.

We're currently working with our manufacturer to have Bluetooth technology available, allowing you to control your patio cover from your smart phone. If this is a new technology you're interested in testing out, please reach out to your project coordinator directly.

Remote Control

Gear Box

One Section

Dual Sections

Wall-Mounted Control Panel

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Motorized and Remote Control

Privacy Paneling and Railing

Some of our customers choose to go with additional privacy paneling and/or railing, giving their Shade Select an elegant gazebo design. These additions are great for adding a stylish touch, blocking out additional sun, and creating a private space for your outdoor area.

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Privacy Paneling and Railing

Additional Shading Solutions

Rather than having fixed slats, some of our customers choose to go with fabric, roll-down curtains. This is perfect if your space only needs the additional shading during certain hours or if you only want the additional privacy for specific outdoor events on your patio. The roll-down curtain option allows you too keep the classic Shade Select design, while adding some flexibility to how you utilize your patio.

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Additional Shading Solutions - Fabric


In order to maximize sun coverage (and to maximize rain runoff), our Shade Selects are installed with a slight overhang from your patio (i.e. if you have a 10 foot patio, we'd recommend a 12 foot top). For additional sun blocking, we can also install visors to out edge(s). These visors can be installed as fixed vinyl slats, or we can install them as additional Shade Select louvering.

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Lighting, Ceiling Fans, & Water Misters

If you've watched our testimonial, you've heard one of our customers describe their new outdoor space with their Shade Select as an oasis. That looks different for each of our customers; for some, adding features such as lighting, ceiling fans, and water misters help create the ambiance that their seeking.

There are a variety of lighting options to choose on the market. If you choose lights that would work best being hung off of hooks, we offer powder coated, no screw hooks. Water misters are simple and quick upgrades to tie your Shade Select patio space together and provide gentle cooling relief for you, your pets, and your guests. We also install the supports for a ceiling fan to be mounted; you will need to contact an electrician to have it full installed.

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